time for c h a n g e

Hello Beautiful People 

Every year my family and I head up to the wonderful coast here in South Africa, Durban.

It was the most perfect weekend away, nothing can ever top being by the sea with the sea breeze in your face and sand between your toes.

When the weekend drew to a close and it was time to go home I, reluctantly, climbed into the car and headed to the airport to fly back home in Johannesburg.

When I was on the airplane traveling back home, the sweetest little girl in the whole wide world sat in the window seat in front of me. She was in complete & utter awe of each and everything little thing she saw.

From the moment we took off she was squealing and giggling with excitement and every two seconds she had her nose pressed against the glass of the window spotting clouds and smiling the sweetest, most genuine smile I’ve seen in a very long time. A smile that could melt even the hardest of hearts.

This little girl’s heart for adventure reminded me of my own love of travel and exploration, and that brings me to where I am today.

Let’s Finally Blog

Recently, my family and myself have been praying, researching, believing and trusting in God’s plan to fall into place as big things are about to change for us all.

My dad was offered a job in Dubai. This, therefore means that my family and myself will be moving there in August this year to start anew and both support him in his new job as well as start a new life for ourselves outside of the familiar grounds of Johannesburg.

This is both the most exciting & yet nerve-wracking adventure I’ve ever been on and probably will ever be on.

The idea of starting fresh is both exciting and scary. Saying ‘Goodbye’ to my old, comfortable  bubble of a life and having to say ‘Hello’ to a new, daunting, explosively exciting life is down right petrifying.

Things like “Will people like me at my new school?” or “What if I don’t fit in?” constantly run through my mind on some kind of mad rampage.

But, in those times I have to take a step back and remember Phillipians 4:6-7 :

“Do not be anxious about anything,but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

This scripture has brought such an explainable peace to my heart through this tough time of trying to plan a new life.

Knowing my Lord and Saviour is by my side through every step and stumble, he’s right there, cheering me on & telling me it’s going to be okay.

Dubai, I believe, would not have been an option for my family to relocate to unless God’s hand was in the situation.

I’m believing that God’s plan, no matter how confusing it my seem know, is a perfect one. One where we grow and minister to the people of Dubai just by being us. The Griffiths Family. Wildly, messily, contagiously loved and cared for by God.

The very reason I’m posting this announcement today, the 30th of March 2016 is because today my family and myself will be taking a little scouting trip to Dubai to what it’s all about and get a taste of our new home.

No doubt I will be taking millions and millions of photographs that I plan on sharing both online, but more exclusively on this blog, so keep an eye for all that’s to come…

Before I end off this post I would just like to say a massive thank you to each and every one of my friends, family, teachers and even total strangers for their support and kind words of encouragement, no combination of all twenty six letters of the alphabet could even being to explain how much it means to my family and I.

We love you all and look forward to the next few months of pure madness with you all.




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One thought on “time for c h a n g e

  1. This was just wonderful & I literally screamed when I saw you blogged something! I am so excited for you + your family, Se! I know this move is going to bring your whole family so much fun and adventure! God has you in His hands and I know you will be an absolute blessing to every person you meet! I can’t wait to see all of your future explorations on here. I love and totally support you in everything & I’m so glad that I have been given a beautiful 10 or so years with your precious soul!
    Safe travels & tightest squeezes, Han!

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